'Suck-it and See' Icon list

Hi, I have just started the tutorial series on making the ‘Skriver’ web site, I have tried to make it exactly as in the tutorial, but when I came to the 2nd video, choosing the right icons in the linked list, it seems that I have to go through 300 icons on a ‘suck-it and see’ basis, to find the icons used.

I can’t see any where to enable display corresponding images of the icons. Are the images hidden in a ‘contents’ eg ‘resources’ (right click) of any of the Foundry stacks?

The icons used are the Font Awesome icons, which are pretty standard on pages across the web. You can see them on the Font Awesome site.

There’s not a way to show the icon in the drop down as that is not a part of the Stacks API.

Fantastic, that’s just what I surmised.