Summary and Full Post background-color for Alloy

Alloy works great with our family blog! I missed not having a lightbox for the displayed images. I added some css and js to the page and messed with the two classes, summary and full-post, to hack around that lack.

With our family blog we don’t seem to be all that long winded so I miss the summary displaying in columns or possibly a grid. With the short text the summary posts look very barren on a large screen.

None of the above are complaints. I really like Alloy and can live with it in it’s present state.

One thing might be easier to deal with if the background-color of the summaries and full posts had an opacity setting when you attempt to edit it. My family prefers a repeated background page pattern and with the white colour the blog summaries look just a touch odd.

I fixed it by adding the code:

.allow-blog-wrapper {
	background-color: transparent !important;

I’ll look at adding opacity sliders for the backgrounds in a future update. My original thinking was to promote good readability by not allowing transparent backgrounds, since blogs are naturally about being easy to read, IMO.

That said it is not a problem to add in an opacity slider for that setting.

Building a lightbox into Alloy is probably not something I’ll be adding I don’t believe. Things could change, but at this time I don’t lean in that direction.

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Hello Adam, i need also a opacity for the backgrounds. When is this possible?
Alloy is great stuff, Alloy :kissing_heart:

I’m deep into major Foundry updates at this time. When that is done I’ll refocus on Alloy.