Summery Page Content Loading

When Alloy loads the summary page, does it load both the summary section and the main post?

In other words, do the robots see (crawl the page) does it crawl both the summary section and the main blog post on the summary page?

If so, does it crawl the main blog page also?

If so, would that be less than ideal for SEO?

Your help and input is appreciated.

When your page is indexed both the summaries page as well as the individual blog post pages are crawled. Each of these is a separate instance and should be indexed.

Also, while I have you, please be sure to set a category for your posts in the future. I’ve changed this one to the Alloy category this time.

I’m following what you are saying. Please clarify further - When the summary page is crawled, is the content from both the summary section and the content for the individual blog post visible to the robot (so the summary section and individual blog post are indexed together?), but hidden from the person viewing our website?

They are separate pages, and are indexed separately as they should be. Nothing is combined. This isn’t specific to Alloy, this is just how pages are indexed.

I have no clue what you mean here. Nothing is hidden from your visitors.

When you add a blog entry using Alloy’s editor, you enter the entire blog post. Within RW and through Alloy you can set the length of the blog summery.

It’s understood that when viewed in a web browser only the set length of the blog’s summery is visible.

The question is does the summery page code include the entire blog post? Or is the set length of the post’s summery part of the summery page’s code?

If so, when the summery page is indexed is the entire blog post indexed at that time? Or is just the set length of the blog’s summery indexed as part of the summery?

As I said, nothing is hidden from the visitor. The only thing on the summaries page are summaries. That is why it is the summaries page.

I feel like when I’m answering your questions you either don’t believe what I’m telling you or that I’m not understanding you, so you ask again, in a different way.

To be clear: The summaries page and full blog entry pages are separate and different. The summaries page contains only summaries – nothing is hidden from your visitors, nor are the blog entries’ full contents contained on the summaries page in any way. The full entry pages, those visible when you click through to the full entry by clicking a read more button or the blog entry title, contain the full content of the blog entry.

Hopefully that clears it up for you.