Surf & Skate | Sacramento, CA - SANDBOX

##Surf & Skate

This site is still under construction, but I wanted to showcase it here to get some feedback before I send this to the client. It’s one of those things that I had a crazy idea for the banner, went with it and I love it. However, experience tells me to seek other’s opinions before I move forward with it. Sometimes those “great” ideas in my head are a bit too crazy for my clients. :wink:

This site will eventually be a fully functioning eCommerce site. We’re contracted for a single page at the moment, but will add pages over time.

Maybe make the Nav Bar logo bigger and remove the bottom white margin so the 6 grid layout butts up to the next section. Looking good. Also maybe but an overlay dark colour on the wide bikini girl image to allow the text to stand out more.


Thanks for the suggestions, they make a huge difference.

On my ipad air 2 in portrait the top of the banner at the top of the home page is getting chopped off a bit, maybe the logo and nav items won’t both fit on one line making the nav bar deeper???

Thanks for the heads up @razorbill. I haven’t tested the site on devices yet. I wait until we finish the entire site before I work out the kinks. I appreciate the kind words. I sent the link to my client and he loves it. A couple of people said it was a bit funky to look at with the 6 photos fading in and out, but quickly got used to it (more unexpected than anything else). That’s good enough for me, I’m going to finish the site and launch it. :slight_smile: