Syntax rendering

Hi all,

Using the Syntax stack i can insert HTML code easy enough . I know the code works fine. in edit mode when rendering the code renders perfectly however in preview it returns to code display (not the rendered image) and when i publish to my test bed it also appears as the code on not the final rendered image.

So now totally confused as it works fine in edit but not in preview or in the wild!

Tanks in advance

Hi there @HODADR!

Can you post a link here where I can download a ZIP file containing your project file? If so that will allow me to take a look at what you’ve got going on and see if there’s a problem with the stack, or something else. One good way to post a download link is using Dropbox, or a similar service.


hope you have more luck than me in working it out!

Where in your project file is the Syntax stack setup? I’m not seeing it currently. If you’ve removed it, please add it back in, along with the code that you were using inside of it, and resend your project file. Be sure to ZIP up the project file as well when you resend it. Thanks!

Never mind, just saw it, it was smushed into a column… that being said, I moved it out of the column to better see it and it seems to be displaying in preview mode as it should here:

This is what the Syntax stack is for, per the Documentation site, here:

If you just wish to insert your own HTML code on the page you’ll want to use the HTML stack that comes with the Stacks plugin.

AHHHHH ok perfect thank you

Not a problem at all! Glad to help.