Table (csv) is there an option?

I was just wondering if there is an option for table CSV. I use table CSV on Foundry a lot. I build websites with a lot of spreadsheets.

Foundry 3 does not offer a way to import a CSV file. The CSV importing javascript was jQuery and was already a bit finicky. I think it is better suited as a standalone tool. I am sure there are probably some tools available in the community for this more niche task though. Maybe some other users can help direct you to one.

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I did invest a bunch of time on improving the Table tool if F3 thought by the way. Allowing a lot more flexibility including drop zones. I know it isn’t CSV importing.

I believe Stacks4Stacks offer 1+ table based stacks. I’m a big markdown fanboy/user. Whenever I create a table I now use TableFlip. While one can write a table in markdown from sratch, I find that approach awkward. TableFlip creates markdown ready tables but essentially works like a spreadsheet to create them. More here: . The cost is $10.

I haven’t done it recently, but I do remember copy/pasting from CSV into TableFlip to refine the table and convert to markdown format. I uses special CSS to style the table.

At Stacks4Stacks there’s this:

you can take it for a test spin. You’ll also find a comparison table of his 3 table stacks on this page (scroll down a bit): FlatPack | Stacks4Stacks

I don’t know how big/complex your tables are. Mine are relatively simple: e.g. using 3-4 columns and being 20 or fewer rows. What I’ve started doing is creating the table, taking a good screenshot, and using that screenshot image on my page. The advantage is the image will auto-adjust to width (something regular tables are terrible at). Plus I lightbox these images so someone can get a detailed view of them. Works great in the situations I use them, but I realize not a great solution for bigger kinds of tables.

I’m sure there are other ideas also out there, but not remembering them at the moment.


I managed to get the table CSV from Foundry2 to work. All you have to do is put the Foundry2 control center in wherever you put the table. And it worked. So, on the page that has the table, I have the Foundry3 and the Foundry2 control center on the page. It seems to work.

I would not do this. The Control Center stacks add a lot of the base CSS and JavaScript needed for all the tools to work. By placing both of them on the page you are adding a lot of unnecessary code which will slow down the site loading and rendering. You may also encounter issues where things don’t work correctly because of having both base codes loading. Foundry made a lot of improvements to slim down code to improve page load speed, and you’re adding back all of the F2 code on top of the F3 code.

If you really want to continue to load tables from CSV, I would definitely look into a 3rd party stack. Your site will load faster and get better page ranking in Google.

Edit: Just like you would not load another framework’s code to use one of its stacks, you should think of F3 and F2 as completely different frameworks. You don’t want to use them both on the same page. In the same site/project is fine, just not the same page.

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@TitanWDD Do not do this. As @DLH points out, when you put that Control Center on the page you’re loading an entire extra copy of Bootstrap (an old one at that) to the page. This WILL cause problems for your Foundry 3 tools. DO NOT DO THIS.

Either invest in a 3rd-party tool for CSV table importing or use the normal Table tool and manually create your table. But do not put Foundry 2 tools, or its Control Center, on a Foundry 3 page.

I tip I saw on Mastodon from someone that has several data tables on their site is they format the spreadsheet the way they would present it and then take a screenshot and upload that. The image is responsive as tables are not. It is a hack but I thought it was clever.

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@Steve_J I’m a big fan of this screenshot approach. The resulting screenshot is small in size, but when you enlarge it (e.g. via lightboxing) still remains quite clear. It’s my newish “go to” approach for tables and it works wonderfully.

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I use Powergrid CSV and link it to a Google sheet - presents a nice grid on the website.

I bought a third party table csv stack. I would have spoken sooner but I reached my limit of posts. Had to wait 24 hrs.

Sorry about that. Yeah, the forum software gives newer accounts a limited number of posts per day. Helps to prevent spam bots and such. After you spend more time here and read / interact more with posts the system will auto upgrade your account. :+1:

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