Table CSV problems

I suspect it is a problem with converting an Excel file to csv, but I can’t get Table CSV to display properly -
The file looks exactly as it should in Resources Quicklook.


There is a known problem with MS Excel on the Mac creating proper CSV files. If you have Apple Numbers then bring in the XLSX file and export as CSV. Numbers does the export correctly.


Thanks for pointing that out. Should stop me going round in circles.

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That was amazing mitchellm So easy. Worked first off. Never really used Numbers before, but it was so fast and looks so good it will be my go-to spreadsheet from now on

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Glad it worked! It’s not like MS Excel is a bad app! But it does have a few small quirks and CSV export is one of them. I don’t use Numbers all the time, but it is very nice for some things.

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But if you work with foreing languages, such as Spanish, there are problems with punctuation, such as accents, letter “ñ”, etc. LibreOffice (free), solves those problems very efficiently.