Table Problems on Stacks 4

Prior to Stacks 4 the tables I’m using on my site had the behavior where if the content of a cell was longer than the width of the cell the text would wrap within the cell.

This appears to no longer be the case as now what happens is that the text is a single line and the cell gets super long and the entire table ends up in a scroller. This is a real problem on a mobile device as you have to scroll forever to read the content.

I’m curious to know why this changed and if it is something that we as users have control over?

Anyone know of any other table stacks that will work in Foundry that I can consider using in place of the Foundry table?

Good morning @handshaper

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. The Table stacks themselves haven’t changed at all so I am going to have to assume it has something to do with Stacks itself. That said I’m not sure why the Stacks v4 update would have an effect on this particular thing. That said – I know you have experience with troubleshooting things and sending in bug reports. Instead of switching stacks and causing yourself a headache lets try and troubleshoot it instead.

Create a one-page project file with the table in question, and as little else going on with the page, that still shows the problem. Send that over and I’ll try and take a look at it and see what might be up with it.

Thanks for responding Adam. I did a bunch of digging and tracked the problem down to a third party stack that I had started using, as soon as I removed it from the page the problem went away. So neither Stacks nor Foundry were to blame.

Sorry to have created a false alarm!

Cool. I’ll mark this as solved and close it up then.