Tabs and Accordion not working

I tried to configure ‘Tabs’ (the horizontal one) and ‘Accordion’ but I can’t get them to work, whatever I try…
The latest Foundry ( and Rapidweaver (8.1.6) versions are installed.
Has anyone else also experienced this? Tried really everything, don’t know what’s wrong.

F/Y/I ‘Vertical Tabs’ (Thunder Pack) does work perfectly.

Have you checked to ensure you’ve selected the Foundry theme for your project?

Yes, I did, just tried it again now to make sure, but same situation

Please send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I can have a quick look at it.

WOOOWW… sorry, you said ‘Theme’ !!! that triggered me… and you’re right.
Completely forgot about that, in this project it’s a migration of both Foundation and Foundry in one website… Sorry again!
Feel so stupid now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
THANKS a lot!

No problem. When you see the same thing many times it gets second nature to be able to pick those small problems out. Glad to help.

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Million thanks for the swift respons, this thing took me a while
next time I’ll come over here sooner :wink:

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Not a problem at all. :raised_hands:

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