Tabs and Foundry 2

Hi, I have installed Foundry2 and made have a page that uses Tabs. Except they do’t actually go into focus on the page when the header is clicked. Only the first tab work s - the others are unresponsive to clicking, 0 1q

Hi @parked – Do you have a URL for us to look at?

Something to check as well: have you made sure you’ve selected the Foundry theme?

HI @elixirgraphics, thanks for the quick reply and apologies, I should have been more proactive in providing some context. 1. URL is . I have appended screen dump of both the RW editor page and the settings for the tabs so you can compare with the web page.

Because I am a new user, I can only upload one image but I have another which is the editor page in RQ and how I have laid it out. Will append somehow

OK, second


As I mentioned above…

This is the problem. You’re not using the Foundry theme, but instead are using the Voyager theme. The Foundry theme is required. Be sure to check out the two videos here on the Quickstart documentation page.

Foundry requires that you use the Foundry theme as part of Foundry’s code lives there. Foundry stacks are just a part of the overall package. The theme is part of it too.

Hey there @parked – I just wanted to check to make sure that cleared things up for you.

Hi Adam, I am almost too embarrassed to reply! I did know this I swear but I managed to ignore the word Theme. All fixed. And thanks for the great support on my dumb mistake!

Not a problem at all. Have a good weekend.