Tag clusters? in Foundry

I’ve no idea what to call it, and therefore haven’t searched the forum, but is there a way of achieving this in Foundry?

Sorry folks, this should have been attached

Tag Cluster

Hey there @Phloque!

Most of the time I think the term people use for those are Tag Clouds. Those would be for a blog type pages. I suspect that is the sort of page you’re looking to build?

Foundry does not have blogging functionality of its own. You can use other stacks to add such capabilities to your pages though. Those stacks would provide the tag cloud(s) for their product.

Thanks Adam.
I hadn’t realised it was related to blogging
The example I posted comes from a news site, and each tag functions as a button which links to a page displaying articles on a related topic.
It seems to be another form of navigation, but I do like the formatting where each button is the length of the text, and each line of buttons is a different length, and there doesn’t appear to be an underlying grid structure.
I could do something fairy laborious with Joe Workman’s Letterpress which allows for quite a bit of formatting of text to make it look like a button, and then play around with rows of Columns to get the effect of no columns or grid.
Thanks again.

Philip: You could do something similar by using the button stack (plenty of look/feel options), all made small size, and placed within a grid stack. It would take some fiddling by you to get the exact look you want. However, it will definitely look like it has a grid structure (specified number of items per row) so it may not be an acceptable solution for our needs.

Vertical navigation stack is wonderful. But all the items are in a list. Again not what you want exactly, but it’s a great stack and may serve as a compromise solution.

While they’re not using it for blogging, they’re using it for organize their post content with tags. Their news posts are essentially blog posts. The two things could be interchangeable in this situation. With that being said – outside of a system like that a tag cloud will be laborious to keep updated manually. The ones you see on news sites, blogs, and the like, are automatically generated.

Thanks for the feedback gentlemen. Very helpful.
Now, a tag cloud. Automatically generated and updated. Not necessarily baed on a blog system. More like an index.
Sounds like a stack request to me.
Just joking.
Bye for now