Tags in summary and time publish a post

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I have two questions about Alloy V3:

  1. In V2, an external MD file was posted exactly on the day that was entered in the file name (example 2021-01-04_xxx) from 00:00:00. In V3, the day remains correct, but it is not published from 00:00:00 but at some point on this day. Can I set this (not in the editor)?

  2. How can I set that “tags:” are also visible in the summary?


The publishing time is based on the file’s date / time stamp, which is set by the editor.

Enable the Show Tags setting in the Blog Entries stack settings. This setting is found in the Summaries section. This setting is covered in the documentation for the Blog Entries stack.

  • and for externally created blog entries?

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You’d be responsible for setting the time stamp of the file.

Sorry, but that’s not logical.
On the one hand, the date of the desired publication is read from the file name (that’s a good thing), on the other hand, you have to write the desired time into the timestamp of the object. The time of creation of the object is something different than the time of publication!
Can’t Alloy just say 00:00:00 in this case? Or I can also write the desired time in the file name?

Alloy does not distinguish a manually generated post from one that is created by the Editor. It has no way to know to magically set the time to midnight. Each post is simply a markdown file.

There were a great many users who requested time based future publication, which is what brought on this new feature. It is implemented the way it is for several reasons, one of which includes filename formatting problems that would arise from inserting a time value in the file name itself.

To do so would not work now, or as a future feature. Setting the time in the file name itself would be unwieldy in standard either 12 or 24 hour formatting, as well as be an invalid filename. There could be a way around that but it would require using PHP formatted time values, which you’d have to build a converter for to use, so that is out as well.

The large majority of users wanted time based future posts. Likewise the vast majority of users use the Editor for their posts, so Alloy has pushed towards the Editor as the way of managing posts.