Take 2 with Foundry


This website was first built with another RapidWeaver free-form framework. After trying Foundry for my first website, I decided to do a rebuild for this one. Foundry is so much easier to work with and the finished product looks better across all devices.

The services page as not been completed yet. I’ll have to find a way to make tabs look good on mobile or find another way for displaying all the services. Also, I would like to know if there is a way to link a specific point in a page from another one ( Anchor ) in Foundry ?

Thanks again for a awesome tool.


Looking really nice! Glad to hear you’re having fun building your sites! Keep up the good work!

Its really nice - well done!

But! Your banner image is 3Mb… you MUST reduce the filesize of that image… very slow to load.
Post if you need any advice on reducing the weight of that image.

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Thanks for your feedback! I reduced the size of the banner image as suggested.

A great utility for reducing file size on JPGs and PNGs is TinyPNG. Give it a shot: http://tinypng.com


I will surely use this utility. Thanks for your help!

That is a good app, I also like PhotoBulk, JPEGMini, ImageOptim and Realmac’s latest purchase Squash. All good products as well.