Tesla Pro Theme help needed!

I have a single website setup with Rapidweaver 8 and the Tesla Pro Theme. It’s been online for many years doing what I want it to, and I haven’t stretched much of what the Theme can do. I have stayed away from Stacks and just want to use plain Rapidweaver 8 with a nice theme…

I haven’t really edited it much in the last few years and I seem to have forgotten much of how it all works !! A bit tricky for me to work out what features belong to Rapidweaver and which are added by the Tesla Pro Theme.


Today I can’t seem to work out how to do very simple stuff. Very embarrassing for me! I used to be a wiz on Adobe GoPro and could do almost anything!! A shame it disappeared. at the time I couldn’t be bothered to transition to DreamWeaver. I liked the idea of Rapidweaver and Themes to just make life a bit simpler and easier to let me focus on other things.

The Tesla Pro Theme example pages and tutorials all seem to do what I want to do, but I can’t seem to find out how to do a few very simple things, no explanations I can find on-line yet… so hoping someone can kindly point me in the right direction?

What I’d like to be able to do:

Float Images to one side of a page and have text alongside:

Two-column layout:

Three Column Layout

The Tesla Pro Live View webpage even has a 2 column layout dynamically moving onto the page, I didn’t know it could do that… How do I do it :thinking:

Thanks very much for any help :grinning:


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Hi @Keith — the example you give with the two columns — an image I. The left and text on the right — is done in Stacks. You can use Stacks with standard themes. There’s documentation for Tesla Pro in the Elixir documentation pages here: Premium RapidWeaver themes, stacks addons, and more

If you don’t want to buy the Stacks plugin, you can still align images left or right using the included Styled Text page type - see attached.

  1. Drag your image onto the Styled Text page
  2. Add some text after it
  3. Click the picture to select it
  4. Open the Format menu, select HTML and choose Align Image left (or right)
  5. Preview the page - this example shows the image aligned left.

Stuff like this is much easier to do using the Stacks plugin and if you do buy that it’ll open up a whole world of possibilities - including the animation you describe.



Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Managed to work out where to find floating images, there are 2 places to edit alignment in Rapidwaever, but it’s only the one at the bottom of the screen that does images!

I now remember that stacks are needed to do certain things. But I don’t want to spend more than the cost of Rapidweaver on a 3rd party plugin :grinning: and then have to buy more stacks to work with the Stacks plugin. I’m only updating the one website. Some of the things stacks can do should be baked in to Rapidweaver I feel. Only my opinion of course.

I can dust off my CSS / HTML coding if I really feel the need to get under the bonnet.