Testing enviroment

Hi out there,

I’m going to rebuild a client site completely new with F3 and Alloy.
All this behind the existing site. Let’s say https://sitename/sandbox/
I never did this before and I fear, that all the links of the Blog, which I will set up under the name of for example “editorialoffice” will be broken, when I go live under the name of the site - https://sitename and leave the sandbox.

Is there any trick to prevent the links from loosing their connections?

Appreciate any hint - Thanks, Thomas

One suggestion with a staging site - if you can use a sub-domain (sandbox.sitename.com), it will keep all your relative links if you’re linking form page to page on your site, whereas if you use sitename/sandbox, you’d need to re-link everything. Hopefully that makes sense, I don’t think I explained it very well…

This won’t help with your Alloy posts, though, I don’t think. I had the same question previously and they won’t automatically move over. So I did a couple of posts for layout / testing and then just recreated them on the live site

Hi jabostick,
for the reason, that nobody else answers to the post, I think you’re right.
I thought about the sandbox.sitename.com thing, but came to the same result, that all
has to be relinked.

But as I read your answer I got an idea how to solve this problem.
I’ll gonna build the page “editorialoffice” and uncheck Show in navigation in the Inspectors General Settings. Then I can play around, test anything and when it’s time to go live I just have to check Show in navigation back on and everything will work. :wink:
All the other content is not that difficult to rebuild because there are no critical links like in a Blogpage. So this can be done within some hours. for this I can do a maintanance page.

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Alloy is content agnostic. I just have a test domain and populate the posts with Loren ipsum text and images etc. test it and see how the blog page looks as well as the editor page. Once I like it I just copy and past the needed stacks to the page I want to go live and point alloy to the post folder and image-upload folder. As well as the blog page for that site.

Leave the blog posts folder, image-upload folder and embeds/droplets alone on the current site. Point alloy to these and the new blog page

For I will not build the site completely new in F3, because I learned, that the Sort-Stack is not in F3, and there is no equivalent to Sort, I have to stay with F2. I will do it like uncheck the Show in navigation. This will be the best and fastest way to get the job done. Thanks to all