Text line indent with bullet points

Hello, I have a little Problem and hope anybody can help me.
I want to indent a text line after bullet points and I don’t know how,- )
See exactly what I mean on the Screen below.

I know I can use the bullet list stack, but I must set some words in Bold, and it didn’t work with the bullet list.
Or i´m to stupid,- )

Please, has anyone a idea how it runs ???

Use the bullet list stack. Add the bold tag b> before the word and after it the end bold tag /b> (ich musste hier die Klammer < vor dem b auslassen, sonst könnte er das nicht so zeigen, die muss noch dahin)

I’m writing the same as Jan. This is what I would put in the Bullet Item description box to mix bold and plain:

<b>Bulleted List</b> this part is plain

The result will be something like this:


Hello Mitchellm, hello Jan. Many Thanks!!! Also any idea, how I can set the font of the bullet list bigger?

I wahrt to use ist in a headline style,- )

I don’t think there is any regular way to do this within the stack or Foundry. You can always write some custom CSS for this: but I can’t help you out with that.

For fine-tuned control over lists (if you do a lot) is the great Lister stack by Stacks4Stacks. It works perfectly fine with Foundry. More here:

It works really well and you can download the demo to see if it meets your needs. If this is a one-off problem, then Lister not worth it. But when you use lists often (in one project or across several) it provides options that no other stack does.

You can also use the very powerful BWD ParagraphPro which also has a clever bullet list child stack.

The lister looks great, I think this it what im looking for. I will test it on my project, many thanks!!!

I keep forgetting about Paragraph Pro!

sounds that I have to buy both,- )))

Thanks for your fast support guys

ParagraphPro is actually free but by donating a “coffee” to Andrew at BWD, he can fund some of the infrastructure being BWD.