The Banner stack setting: Lock Background?

I am a Pratt, of course that is exactly what it does do !!!
If i had a brain i would be dangerous !!!

Hi i am busy exploring the new stacks, but i must ask a question about the Banner Stack, one of the settings is “Lock Background” !!!

I have to ASK, what does it do ?, i have ticked it AND unticked it but i cant figure out what it does.

I had thought it would make the background picture stop still while only the content scrolled up !


Indeed, that is what it does. You can see it in action here:

Yeah thanks for that Adam,

That brings me nicely to another question if i may ?

How do i make the Background show through the contents that is scrolled up.

I have put the Opacity to 0% on all the stacks below but it makes no difference, i am of course assuming that the background picture must still be there, in the background, because it didnt scroll up ?


I don’t think I get what you’re trying to do. Do you mean set a background for the whole site? If so, that is done in the Control Center stack.

Tha Banner background is contained within the Banner. You won’t see it outside of the Banner. That is why it is added to the Banner and not the site background.

I put the background picture in the Base Stack, the one that i fancy being behind and showing through the content, i obviously havent got there yet, and i have the background of all the stacks below set to be transparent.

I bet you are regretting me joining your Foundry group LOL.


You don’t need to set any stack to be transparent. You can undo that. This is what you’re looking for here:

It is a setting in the Foundry stack. You seem to have used the default Stacks background to add a background to the Foundry stack, which will not work, as that stack is not really meant to be visible on the page.

You can read about the Foundry Control Center stack here on the Documentation site. The Documentation pages outline what all of the settings do in each individual stack.

Adam, i have now got the hang of it now, thanks, I now know where i went wrong, The Control Centre was in a Partial and i didnt know it was, it needed Un-Packing to get access to the settings i needed.
That is because i downloaded the project already partially created !!!

Thanks again.


I’d encourage you to use the tools for yourself first. Try them out and see how they work to get a feel for things and then explore some pre-built project files. :+1:

How right you are Adam. I am trying to run before i can walk :slight_smile: