The Best Hardware to Use?

What is your Preferred Set-Up?

In the near future I will be updating my Hardware.

Options include;

  • 16" MacBookPro
  • 27" Mac
  • MiniMac with Display

Any Preferences for Web Developers or Web Designers?

The more screen space the better in my opinion. I’ve been using RW for a few years on a 12gb 27" iMac 2010 until it burnt out the graphic card. Recently replaced with a 16gb 2019 27" iMac. Apart from starting faster the RW performance gain wasn’t signficant.

The really fast machine I have is a 2015 15" Macbook Pro but that is because it has a 512gb SSD.

A Mac Mini with a decent size and high resolution display would more than suit.

Ok thanks for that feedback

So would it be common practice for Full-Time Designers/Developers to have a 15"/16" MacBookPro and an 27" Mac?

Or just one of those devices?

If you would pair up with a Mini Mac would there be a preferred display?

Alas I am not a full time web developer. I am a full time software developer but all my web development is for a hobby. 3 non profits, one commercial site and my own sites.

Hopefully someone else will chime in!

I have been involved in spec’ing some displays recently. Just look for ones with decent resolution. Some physically large displays are still low resolution.


My setup is a MacBook Pro and an 27" display. This allows me a few things –

  • Two screens. I find this helpful as I can work with code, graphics, etc on the large screen while previewing pages on the smaller one. It also helps when researching problems to have the reference material on the smaller screen while working on the larger one. Stuff like that. I can also relegate things like Spotify, YouTube, etc to the small screen to give myself some distractions while working on the larger one.
  • Portability. If I have to go out of town or, while not in pandemic mode, want to get out of the house to work some, I can take the laptop with me.

So my recommendation would be a laptop and external display.

Yes, 2 screens. Good point

As for the 27" Display, HD ok? Or aim for 4K?

That’s a personal choice I think.

I am working at home to create my websites. The most important issue for me is screen estate. So I use a 5K iMac and a 5K LG Display. This means I have both displays with the same screen resolution and can drag my windows from one to the next without constantly having to resize any window.

Looking at your options: Take the 16" MacBookPro if you need to move. Take the 27" iMac if you work from home, but use a SSD with it. A HD monitor will soon be outdated and will not look as crisp as your main computers screen - so take at least a 4K one.

About the displays: If you use an iMac or MacBookPro, the built in brightness is very high. Up to 500 cd/m². If you buy a normal HD or 4K display it will appear dark in comparism, especially when used side by side. This was the main reason for me to use the LG display Apple is selling. Both - the UltraFine 4K and 5K - are as bright as the Apple built in display. If you use a mac mini, then you can look at other displays as you will not have the direct comparism in your daily work.

Some very good information there as well, which also makes sense.

So basically it comes down to personal choice.

Your set-up seems the very good. Would you connect a Laptop at times to the 5K display? or use it for another computer?

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Yes, I have another laptop I use. I can just switch the usb c cable and use it.

OK, very good. In general, based on the feedback in this post there seems to be a strong case for a good quality 4K display. Thank you


I agree with concentrating on screen real estate. I have a 27" iMac and a 27" external monitor. browser in one, RW in the other. I also use my iPad Pro as an 3rd monitor - I use the Duet app and a lightning cable. The iPad is predominantly for the Stacks window, giving me that extra bit of real estate on my main screen.

Very interesting. You must find the 27" display useful!

Any suggestion for the brand of the display?

Couple of years ago I purchased an hp 27es at best buy. It was on sale and it looked nice on my desk with my iMac. Yup - I’m that guy :slight_smile:

Newer model is probably this one: HP - 27f 27 currently $250. It’s 1080 not 4 or 5K, but it’s fine for me. At my age they mostly look the same :slight_smile: Good luck!

Also, with regards to keeping screen resolution similar between monitors (especially if they have different resolutions), I use the DisplayMenu app (Appstore, paid version) and it’s great. Works with both monitors, save and bookmark your favorite resolutions, access from the menu bar, etc).

Is "Best Buy" in the U.S.?

We would have the same type of store in Aussie. Will follow up on the HP

Check OfficeWorks. I recently bought a 32" high res Phillips monitor for about the same price taking into account the exchange rate.

In regard to screen resolution it has been suggested 4K is the way to go in 2020

@wirrah Will check out Officeworks. How to you find the screen resolution when you view a 32" at HD?

To be honest I don’t use it (it is for Lynne’s work). However the thing is, if it’s decent resolution you can always set it lower to suit. It’s current being run at 2560 x 1440. That’s technically higher than HD (although I find the terminology confusing). Anyway it is pretty much the same as my 2009/2010 imac 27". I do run two screens on my new imac though. The second is an old Apple Cinema Display with suitable adapter.