The first dozen: Expert for public and private swimming pools


I am volunteering as a Lifeguard - and teach children how to swim. A friend of mine, who is volunteering as well, asked me to redo his website. So I jumped into unknown waters… and used the Blueprint stack from BWD for the first time.

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Jan: It looks great, but what is the Blueprint stack doing in this case? Is the swimming pool an SVG? At any rate I’m not immediately able to tell Blueprint vs. non-Blueprint portions of the website.

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True. I just used it to pull up the section “Sachverständigenbüro…” into the image of the pool-structure. And was amazed at how easy this was.

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The BWD Blueprint is an incredible set of stacks that every single Stacks user should be using.

The BlueprintSVG stack is one of those “why has nobody else thought of this” stacks. Fully compatible with Foundry of course.


If I understand how you’re using it in this example then I suspect you might like something that will be in the Foundry addon that I have in the works.


Great! I am looking forward to it