The whole background

I change the background of the entire site but it still leaves a white boarder which the customer doesn’t want. I want to make the entire screen another color. How do I do that?

We’re going to need much more information to be able to help out? You didn’t categorize your post so we need to know what theme are you using? Are you perhaps not using a theme, but instead using Foundry?

We’ll also need a link to your live site that shows the problem. Also, a copy of your project file would help in diagnosing your issue. You can email a ZIP file containing your project file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If the ZIP file is larger than 3-4mb you’ll need to send it using We Transfer, Dropbox or a similar service.

foundry theme
When I use the theme, the whole screen is solid white with nothing but Foundry in the stacks.

I want to work on a black canvass. That seems to be the musicians favorite background.But when I change the background on an empty-stack page to black, it doesn’t work.

I might add that the picture on the home page isn’t fitting correctly.

I will send you a copy of the file.

You’ve somehow used the Stacks built-in controls to set a background color on the Stacks main DIV - highlighted with a red box:

This is not the site background. You’ve simply colored one overarching stack with a background color. Turn this off.

The Foundry Control Center as a setting specifically for setting the site background of your site, which can be seen here, also highlighted with a red box:

This is covered in the Foundry Control Center documentation, in the Site Background section, on this page: How to us Foundry's Control Center

Hope this helps clear things up for you. Also, don’t forget to set a category for this thread please. Thanks!

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Thanks for that. That worked, I honestly didn’t know how to categorize it. The closest option was Foundry.

I just want to say that your response time is outstanding.

Sure, no problem.

Since it is related to Foundry that would be an appropriate category. :+1:

Edit: changed it for you.