They need our help

I want to start with the most important page of the last time. A matter of the heart. A donation page, where we collect money for the rangers and guides in Uganda’s Bwindi rainforest. Due to the Corona Pandemic the tourists are staying away and therefore people are not earning money to protect the last mountain gorillas. So we had the idea to help them to get some money to feed their families and protect the Gorillas from poachers.
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Donations are of course welcome :wink:

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Donated :slight_smile: the donation button could be larger and more crispy.

Thanks :smiley:
The Button - It’s HTML by PayPal and I didn’t find any pixel width or height. (I try 2 . see what’s happening)
So I think (I’m not a coder) there is no chance to change anything. Because the donation goes thru an existing association who is collecting the donations for me, transferring the money to Max-Planck-Institute. They are on site and know best who needs the money. And this way will nothing get’s lost in dark channels :blush:

Just because German law does not allow dontations collected by private persons… you need an association - taxwise :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and to be on the save side