They said it couldn't be done

My new site is almost ready. Except for two stacks, it’s all Foundry. Along the way, we had some exciting firsts. One biggie is full offline local site search, no server, sandbox, or database required. Another is multiple external electronic device file loading and control from the local site via drag-and-drop - have driver, will plug and play immediately.

Now I need your advice, please. This system consists of a collection of 1,500 task-based software files that control banks of devices commonly used in industry, engineering, and lab research.

The software and the file pack are both copy protected by our own proprietary system. Both elements are available only on an annual subscription basis, and each will be sold only from its own website.

The needs for my side are very simple. There is just one single file pack, updated every three months. The annual subscription fee is $50. The only variable we need to cover is the number of seats. It will probably cost an additional $25 per seat per year.

I’ve used Foundry to build the site that sells the file pack, as well as the local site. The software team hand-coded theirs.

Please recommend the best modern stack to integrate with Foundry and handle these subscription needs. Thank you for your time and attention.

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