They're headings, not headers!

What you call headers are in fact headings. A header is a piece of text that is repeated at the top of each page - it is not a heading! You’re right - this is a whinge from a nit-picking editor, but your misnomer caused me a lot confusion when I was starting to use Foundry.

Hi there @nicksmith!

The name of the stack is based off of the name of the web design element, which in HTML is called a headings tag. Sorry if it caused you confusion, but the stack is aptly named (IMO) as the stack uses the HTML h1, h2, h3 tags.

Addendum: Also don’t forget, if you have questions on what a stack does, or are confused as to what it does, check out the Documentation page(s) as they’ll likely clear it up for you. This is the one for the Header stack.

If the documentation page don’t clear it up, post here and ask. :+1:

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Hi - your first sentence seems to confirm what I said - the correct term is heading, not header. In html, the header tag is a container for introductory content - ie similar to a print header, which is content which appears at the top of each page before the main content. The html h1, h2, h2 etc tags are heading tags, not header tags.

@nicksmith I think this stems from the incorrect use of the word Header as the default heading stack in Stacks and by probably every stack developer. I can see how it caused your confusion. Changing it to Heading would probably cause more confusion and disruption.

@elixirgraphics The sub heading for the Header help page reads “Use the Header stack to highlight important text on your pages or to separate sections into specific groupings.”

This is potentially confusing because it doesn’t mention “heading” and mentions a “highlight important text” function and a function to “separate sections into specific groupings”. This can be interpreted in many ways. Eg How do I select the highlight colour? How do I setup the categories for the specific groupings?, etc.

The word “heading” doesn’t appear on the header help page. As headings are such an import part of web design and SEO, it is important that this is crystal clear to avoid confusion.

Let’s be honest – the name of the stack doesn’t really matter. I have an Accordion stack called Ivy, a miniature modal stack called Pop, and within Foundry even there a fixed navigation stack called Glide, a background slideshow called Motion, a section / banner stack called Jumbotron, etc.

The Header nomenclature within Stacks was set by the Stacks plugin itself. Everyone familiar with Stacks, which you have to have and use to use Foundry knows what the Header stack in Stacks does. That aside, the documentation page outlines exactly what the features and uses of the stack are, as well as provides examples of it in use.

Since this is indeed a “whinge” post I’m going to go ahead and close it now as it is just nit-picking stacks’ names.