Thunder Pack - animated divider on mobile

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks Adam for another bunch of great helpful tools.

But, I’m having a little issue with the new Animated Divider in the Thunder Pack…only on iPhone in portrait mode.

Link to page below;

I was just playing around and tried it under the words “Help is right here” for a bit of fun. It works great except on small screens in portrait mode when it expand in/out it and affects the surrounding paragraph and text.

I working on RW 8.0.3 and OS 10.14.3
(I am not willing to move onto 8.1.4 considering the issues)

Settings screenshot below;

Thanks for advise and help.

Cheers Scott

Your final width is larger than the small screen is in portrait mode. Make the final width smaller. One of the things about designing for a responsive environment is building for mobile first. So shoot for something like 320 or 400 px. Those final widths should be OK for those small portrait oriented screens.

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In a future update, would it be possible to allow for setting starting/ending widths as a percent of it’s container as an alternative to just pixels?

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I’ll add it as something to look at in the future.


Hi Adam,
Of course, that was a bit stupid of me and obvious really.
Yes, I agree with DLH, if we had an option of % for width that would be great as will help on larger screens too.
Cheers Scott

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Look for this in the next update (v1.0.2).


Awesome! It extends the usefulness a great deal. Thanks.

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The option to use percentage based widths for the Animated Divider stack has been added in v1.0.2 which I just pushed out to the update server.