Thunder Pack Extras

Hey there all!

Seems like I linked to a draft of the Extras folder in my DMG file for Thunder. No big deal really as they’re just sample files. I’ve updated the DMG with the finalized Extras folder, but I wanted to provide a link to them here for anyone that would like to download the final copies. You can download the Thunder Extras here.

Also, there are some free looping animations that I built that you can try out in Cinema. You can download those free looping videos here.


Also, as a note – @MisterB recommended the site coverr as a good source of videos to be used with the Cinema stack.

I also saw mentioned recently a site called Mixkit that offers some nice videos as well.

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Ok, solved. Thank you

Your example project is really great :smiley:

I do not remember well if there is an example project file like this for ‘Potion Pack’ or even for Foundry, since a long time ago I have these stacks already, from the beginning. Is there a similar project file for ‘Potion Pack’ and even for Foundry? -No documentation but a project file like the ‘Thunder Pack’ one.

Potion Pack does indeed ship with a similar samples project file.

I have purchased Potion Pack from the beginning, but it seems that I do not have the project file. Can I download it on your Elixir site?

@TINO-- If you want to send me a DM with the email address you used to purchase Potion Pack I will take a look real quick.

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Note that the Samples project file will be found here in the DMG file you get when you purchase Potion Pack:

That said, since this is a Thunder Pack thread, send me the DM I mention above and we’ll get you sorted out and get this thread back on topic.

Hi @elixirgraphics. Purchased the Thunder Pack - looks great, are the sample projects only in RW8?

Sorry I am still hanging about on RW7!! Are they available anywhere?
I know you have great videos, but the samples are ofter easier to work through.
Thanks for any help

Sorry just seen another thread…ignore me!! Question answered!!

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Glad you got it all sorted out. :+1: