Time for a refresh - this time my own site

Einfach gute Seiten

Even a webdesigner has to update his site once in a while. So that is what I did the last days. I included some nice videos in most pages, added a complete different look for mobile and desktop, and included the most important reviews and references.

Please check it out. And feel free to comment and criticize :slight_smile:


Lovely use of layering. I really like the look, very clean and fresh. and very modern.

I really love the way you’ve presented the videos.

Brilliant work. it should impress new leads.


Coming from you, that is an excellent praise. Thank you very much!

Oh please, I’m average at best with design, my strength is the user experience and interaction. And getting stacks to do things they’re not meant too :wink:

Your site really reminds me I need to overhaul my main business site (not TR), but as it’s now running over 100 pages it’s a job I keep putting off.


I can’t comment on the content I’m afraid but it looks fab. As @TemplateRepo says, the videos work really well and the overlapping sections are very attractive. The site looks inviting and I like the subtle use of animation. Thumbs up from me.


Thank you, I am glad you like the design :pray: