Titles not showing, thumb borders not working in Shutter

I have data in the caption, title and headline sections of the iptc & exif areas of the photos yet none of them are being displayed. Using the latest Shutter 1.0.1 and Foundry releases. I’ve set the colors to wild examples to ensure visibility in order to help verify but still nothing is displayed.

The only border colors that can be displayed are those when a thumb is highlighted. For some reason the ability to place a 1 px white border around every thumbnail image is not working.

Need some help please. FYI here is a link to the one page I have implemented Shutter on that shows these are not working. Soccer


Good morning @schlotz

The Shutter stack does not interact or read any EXIF data from your images. This is not something it is designed to do.

As for the border – The non-hover border was intended for the Group mode setting, though I see it isn’t clear that is the case. This is because the javascript for the other three modes, which manipulates the images into different layouts overrides the standard border. With the way the images are manipulated for these various layouts I needed to choose between a normal border or a hover border and I opted for the hover border for those. I will rename the setting to Group Border for a future update.

Ok, if it doesn’t read the metadata (exif), then where does it get the title from?

Click on your individual image(s) and you’ll see each has settings of their own:

Hmm… does this indicate there is NO ability to apply titles to batched (warehoused) photos? I’ve got thousands to deal with.

That is correct, batched images do not have a title feature.

Appreciate you getting back to me so quickly! It’s unfortunate these two features are not available. If either the documentation would have spelled this out clearly OR the ability provided to test the stack out first, I could have determined the stack, as is, will not work in my structure. At this point I would like to request a refund.

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Just sent you a direct message via the forum.