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Hi @elixirgraphics
I want to be able to let my client toggle a couple of sections of their site - either on or off depending on the circumstances.

(Its for a bus timetable that only runs in the summer, so in the winter they need to be able to not show it. I will be using Greg’s GridIron Stack to bring in a google sheet for the info, unless you can suggest a different/better solution)

Is this possible with any of your stacks, Adam?

I don’t think I understand exactly what you’re trying to do. Are you saying you want to hide specific content on the page? You can keep content from publishing using the Hold stack in Foundry if that is what you’re talking about.

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Sorry about the category! (Fixed)
The bus company that I am making a site want to have their timetables on the site.
Firstly I was assuming I would need to put the timetable data into spreadsheets and add a spreadsheet stack to the page for each spreadsheet. Then as the routes are sometimes on - ie in the summer, and sometimes off - ie winter then the company want to be able turn the spreadsheets on and off by themselves without resorting to me changing them.

Any idea how I might do that?


I do t have any tools to accomplish those tasks. Sorry.

I’ll keep working on a solution. Sure I will find one. Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Alix, Easy CMS has a toggle on/off feature that lets you set up sections of content and then allows the client to log in and turn them on or off at will.

I use it to enable people to add new sections of content - testimonials for example. In this way you can set up 20 testimonial ‘templates’ in EasyCMS and they can populate them as they acquire new testimonials and then toggle them to ‘ON’ so they display on the page.

It’s a tad long-winded but works really well.


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Thanks for the reply Rob. I am aware that Easy CMS does this, but had not yet tried in with Foundry. I had actually assumed - maybe wrongly that it wouldn’t work with a different framework.

I’ll try it out.
Thanks for the reply

If this is what you’re after as @Rob outlines you can also do that with Alloy’s Embeds.

Ah, I’d forgotten about Embeds (not having gotten round to upgrading to the new Alloy yet) but I can confirm that Easy CMS works fine with Foundry. I’m using it here -

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@alixnotes Most stacks (that are not part of a specific framework) work with any framework out there. It doesn’t matter who made the stack … they’ll work well with various frameworks.

… all that said … Embeds may be the easiest way for you to accomplish what you want. But EasyCMS likely will do the job well also. I don’t know which approach will be quicker or easier for you. All I can say is I’m loving Embeds!

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