TopperPlus - Size

Hi there,
I want my TopperPlus images to be displayed at 100% at the start of the FullEntryView display so that the user can see the entire graphic as in the summary display (see attachment summary). The parallax effect can then carry out the enlargement.

At the moment the graphic in the FullEntryView is very large at the beginning - (see attachment “FullEntryView)” Unfortunately I did not find anything myself. How can I set that, is it possible?
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The Topper Plus stack works in the same way a Banner stack works. It is meant as a backdrop for the content that is inside of it. It has to scale and crop the image to ensure that the image covers the entirety of the background. The size of the area is covers is determined by the content within the stack. If you’re looking for a full view of your topper image, that can be seen when using regular toppers instead of the Topper Plus, as Topper Plus is mean to have the topper image act solely as a background.