Towards Infinity: A nice Restaurant


Here, upscale bistro cuisine meets a cozy, personal ambience. As far as possible, regional, seasonal products are served without frills, but with a sophisticated kitchen standard. We like it extraordinary and down-to-earth at the same time.


Another great looking site!


Wow fantastic! What did you use to make it?

Hi, this page was quite simple. Nav. Bar Pro, Columns, Mega Modal, Paragraph & Header as well as the Image stack. The only other stack was Gallery3 from instacks, but now I do have Shutter and I would use this in the next projects.


I like how Navigation Bar Pro has those different sections and yet it can hold more text then the Sections stack. I was interested in using the Sections stack on my site and then I realized there is a very limited amount of text which that stack can hold on mobile (about one paragraph.) I like how Navigation Bar Pro looks like it gives you both room to write and has those different sections. I almost don’t notice that the navigation is moving through a mostly one page site with anchors.

And this is the only complaint I do have with the Nav. Bar Pro. When I use the hamburger menu to jump to anchors on the same page, the hamburger menu does not close itself when a link is clicked. On a mobile view, the menu can capture quite a lot of screen estate. And the users do not understand why they have to tap or click somewhere to close the menu. Of course that is not a problem when linking to any other page, just for anchor links on the same page. But I do hope that @elixirgraphics will find a solution for this sometime. As for now, I have to work some htaccess magic to reload the page and jump to the anchor, so the menu closes again.

Other than that, Nav. Bar Pro is the perfect menu and my standard now for all new projects! I really love it.