Towards Infinity: An honest car dealer

Autohaus Stinner

If you need a car, need to repair a car, wash your car or even your dog(!) - then Autohaus Stinner is the right place to go. Especially if you are as gifted in car repairs as the creator of this website. Bonus: Mr. Stinner has a reputation of being honest and very customer-friendly. And who else has a dedicated dog-wash place available?

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I’m struggling a little with this on a 21" screen. I’d like to be able to see the navigation, phone number etc. Everything is ‘out of shot’

Good to know, I shorten the banner tomorrow. Thank you!


So I changed the heigth. @elixirgraphics I would love to have the view heigth (vh) option in Motion the same way as we we do have it in the banner stack. Thus we do not have to guess the pixel height and compromise for each screen, but the vh makes sure content like the phone number etc. is always visible.

Will you send me an email with this feature request so I don’t forget it? I am right in the middle of a large Alloy update as well as another smaller stack release, so I’m likely to forget this if I don’t have an email to remind me to file this later.