Towards Infinity: British food and other specialities

Reisen für Genießer

If you think of Britain, tasty food might be the last you think of - and yet there are secrets, specialities and pleasures of the British Isles that are worth discovering.

If you want to do this on your own, you will search for a long time. Fortunately, there is a travel agent who has already discovered these pearls - and ready to show them to you.


Another brilliant site Jan! I noticed the image in the “Ihre individuelle Planung” section seems to be missing.

Oh, also just noticed these:

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Thanks - all images should be available, now :slight_smile: .

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A polished site, it looks great on my phone, but a little ‘large’ on my iMac. The imagery is inviting and the design clean and simple.

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Thank you very much! We will look how the clients receive the larger display on desktops - the target audience can be older or may have disabilities.

Your travel agent client has missed one of the most iconic places in Wales - St Davids, which also the UK’s smallest city. Added to which the coastline and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park are stunning. Nice website though!

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I can only agree as I live in Pembrokeshire with its 300km of beautiful coastline.

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Well that makes us neighbours then…