Towards the 25: A deed for a neighbor


A very friendly occupational therapist happens to be my neighbor. And by coincidence she told me about a new website she would need. I saw it as my duty to design the new site myself. We will change some pictures later on and work on the display of the team as well as on the descriptions, but for now we are happy :slight_smile:


Nice work. I like the oval borders. How did you make those?

Found two glitches when viewing the site on my iPad though:

The other one is that the S from Rechtliches is not visible wen looking at the site in landscape mode.

Thank you very much! I will correct the glitches :slight_smile: I used the Paddy stacks from webdeersign at Webdeersign RapidWeaver Stacks

I created a special stack to create this curved β€œoval” page divider and made a project with them which you can see at Webdeersign RapidProject 10

Fuellemann has done a great job on this one