Trial version of Foundry?

I’m new to Foundry though I’m not new to Rapidweaver. I am interested in using the Foundry framework, but I was wondering if it is possible to download a trial of Foundry before buying it? I’m hoping to be able to build up a small side business developing and maintaining websites for small, women-owned businesses that are looking to get online (especially during this crisis), but with the exchange rate and poor performance of the Canadian dollar, purchasing Foundry is cost-prohibitive at this time. I’d like to kick the tires before I shell out the cash. Thanks for any help!

Sorry, unfortunately the RapidWeaver and Stacks APIs don’t afford stacks and theme developers (of which Foundry is both) the ability to use serial numbers for registration. This means there’s no way to offer a trial without doing one of the following:

  • Giving it all away for free and asking for donations.
  • Building and actively maintaining two, or more versions of Foundry which offer very limited functionality.

Neither is a viable option. As an alternative I provide a lot of tutorial and walk through videos and extensive documentation that can be poured over prior to purchase. I also offer this free forum where you can ask any pre-sales questions you might have, where either myself or one of the many other users will be able to give you answers.

Thanks anyway. I appreciate your very honest answer!

Not a problem. If the API allowed it I’d give it a go offering a trial version. Unfortunately it does not though.