Trouble with secondary text

I’m using the page header/page title and decided to try to add the secondary label. However it alway concatenates to the header text! How can I break the secondary text? Thanks!

This is how the secondary text in the Header stack is designed to be shown.

Also, Header Plus works slightly differently with its Secondary text, so perhaps it would be a better choice for your situation:

Use another header stack below the first one.

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Thanks for the clarification. Guess I don’t understand the usefullness?

Thanks, didn’t know I could do that!

It is a specific style using varying color for the secondary header. It may not be everyone’s bag but thankfully there’s lots of ways of doing things. Just use a different approach that works for you. :+1:

You can also place a “
” code before the SubTitle “title” and it will break to the next line.
Okay, this editor just put a break and didn’t show the break code. Use the < + br + > before the subtitle.


You can add code by typing it into this editor and then highlighting it, and clicking the </>button in the button bar.

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Hey thanks! I wondered about that! I did try option-return, but didn’t know HTML to try…