Trying to achieve a fairly unique gallery, maybe with Shutter and Flux?

I’ll describe as best I can what I want to achieve.

The site is for a holiday rental. At the top of the homepage I want about five images arranged as per the image below (from AirBnB).

When one image is clicked, or a little button positioned somewhere on the images (as per the screenshot above), I want a full gallery to open. Not just the five images displayed but the entire album, which will be about 30 shots.

I’m sitting here trying to think of the best way to achieve this, but coming up with nothing!

I’m thinking maybe use Flux for the initial five image arrangement, but don’t think I can launch a Shutter gallery by someone clicking one of the images? Or even said button?

Anyone any ideas?

You can use Photo for this: Photo Stack for RapidWeaver

Maybe this

Unless I’m missing something, Shutter can do the same as the Album using the Group option.

In terms of Photo Stack, the only thing it does that I don’t think Shutter will do is include the ability to launch a gallery from a button or link? I am right in thinking Shutter can’t do this, right?

I’ve worked out I can build the homepage layout I want with Flux, but I then need a way to launch Shutter when any of the images in Flux are clicked. @elixirgraphics is this doable?

No Shutter does not have such a feature. If it did I promise I would not have left it unlisted on the product page or documentation.

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Ya, fair point!

I think I’ve worked out a better way forward anyway: Instead of five images on the main page I think I’m going to have just one, and a text panel alongside it. Therefore, I think Shutter as a group will work grand.

EDIT: Ya, that actually works really well.

Shutter as a group inside a Flux stack, with the layout stolen from the Flux demo!



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