Trying to do something I did and can't do it again

I went to update some dates on a site I made for the classes I teach, and found that a gallery I created was missing. I may be using the wrong project file (I’m new at this and tried a few different approaches and I’m guessing I duplicated project files to try different things out). Working with the one I found, I can’t seem to do one thing.

I’m using the focus stack to add the gallery. I want the button to look like the other two buttons I created. Everything mostly works, but when I preview it at iPad portrait size the button changes size. I seemingly nailed it when I did it the first time. Here’s the published page (the one that needs updating):

the student gallery button stays the same size as the other buttons no matter how I shrink or expand the window. Pic attached in the following post…


Here it is…

Without seeing your settings for the Focus stack it is hard to say. If you want to send me a ZIP file, either via Direct Message or email, that contains your project file then I can take a quick look at it. That said, I am out of the office for that day starting in about 25 minutes, so I may not be able to look at it until tomorrow.

If you want to look into it yourself, I’d say start here with the with settings for Focus:


Hi Adam -

Don’t stay late on account of me :slight_smile: I’m off to go teach but thought I would send a screen cap of the Focus settings as you requested. Thanks in advance!



I actually wanted your project file. I just meant you could compare the width settings from one button to the others.

Finally able to get back in front of my computer - I just sent the project file. My apologies for sending a screenshot instead of the file!

I think there was some confusion on my part. I thought you wanted to match the Focus stack you were working on to other Focus stack buttons. That isn’t the case I just realized looking at your project. You’re trying to match them to another stack type, which I do not own. My suggestion would be to work with the Width settings in Focus and try to match your other buttons that way. Not knowing how your other button stack works I can’t give you much guidance… though you’ll likely want to use Focus’ “fixed width” setting and not the percentage based setting. That is unless your other stack is percentage based as well, All that said, it is just going to be a matter of working with each until you get them matched up. Either that or attempt something different.

Got it - I set this up a while ago and wanted the buttons to have the same look. I guess I needed to go outside of Foundry to get the buttons to match the way the Focus trigger looked. I’ll give it another go! Frustrating in that I did it correctly a year ago… I guess the good news there’s proof that it can be done. :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!

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Upon further inspection I think it’s a Foundry issue. Not that something’s broken, it’s more that likely something I don’t quite understand. I think it’s how I’m using the Columns and Margins stack and what the Focus button does when it’s in it. At a certain size (iPad Portrait mode) it breaks out of the stack and fills up the column but other elements don’t do that. I’m currently playing around with a container stack but it only goes down to 320 px. Whatever I’m doing feels like a work-around but I’ll keep you posted.

I believe I got it t work - I put a container in a margin stack in my first column and fiddled around with the settings. Hopefully this is how things are supposed to be set up!

I’m not sure I can agree that it is a “Foundry problem”… that said I looked at your project file, but since you’re using a lot of non-Foundry stacks in there that I do not own I couldn’t possibly troubleshoot it for you as it is.

There’s no one way to do anything. If it is working for you, then awesome! :slight_smile:

What I meant by ‘problem’ wasn’t that there was an issue / glitch with Foundry, but that the other outside stacks weren’t the issue. I was able to correct the issue with a more proper use of the Foundry Container and Margin stacks.

While I agree with the idea that there’s no one way to do anything, It’s been my experience as a teacher that beginner’s (in this case, me) will find the most complicated, convoluted and fragile way of doing something until they get the hang of things. It’s the story of my life, really :slight_smile: As usual, thanks for your help - have a great weekend.

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