Two different URLs for Category (Blog Entries) and Categories List (Stack)


I am in the process of creating this BLOG: Recipes NIARIA

I noticed that there are differences in the URL output between the Category (Blog Entries) and Categories List (Stack). Pls: See screenshot

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-23 um 12.40.46

Do I have any settings wrong here or is it a BUG?

Thanks and regards from Berlin,

Hey there @Pegasus

It is not a bug. The two stacks are simply handling the URLs differently. They’ll take you to the same location either way. Alloy knows how to sort it out. That said, my recommendation is to always use one word for Tag and Category names. But like I said, Alloy is handling it fine and linking to the proper place.


Thanks for the quick feedback and explanation.

that with the two different URLs is an SEO thing which makes me a little unhappy… otherwise I am very satisfied with Alloy :slight_smile:

Try using a single word Category name. :grimacing:

Also, something I noticed – your images are enormous. They’re taking a very long time to load, which is slowing the entire page because you have a lot of really large images. Here’s two for example:

hey adam,

thanks a lot for this hint. :slight_smile:

i have already noticed this and talked about it with my client. i still need to find a good free tool for her to edit pictures in the future ^^

You can try this one:

thanks @Fuellemann

i think this is exactly the right thing for my client :slight_smile:

Just remember it is not only the size, but the dimensions as well. You might want to tell your client the max dimensions e. g. 1600px wide for the header in the post and 800px for the summary and then it can be compressed in the second step.