Type It - Vertically Centre

When using ‘type it’ with post-phrases that span across 2 lines, the whole text jumps up when it goes onto a new line (presumably to to keep it vertically centred).

I’d like to be able to get the post-phrase text to carry onto the next line without vertically recentering the whole text/paragraph.

Any help would be hugely appreciated and hope the above makes sense!


The Type It stack is not meant to have wrapped text. You’ll want to give the stack enough room so that all of its text resides on one line. This might mean increasing the size of a Container around Type It, shortening your text, changing font sizes or font or any number of other approaches.

You could use the Margin stack to add extra top margin around Type It at the breakpoints where it wraps to force it back down.

However, I do think Type It looks much better on one line.