Unable to get Bulleted List to work for me

I fear I’m the only one who cannot get the bulleted list to work. I’ve tried a half dozen times over the past months, and I’ve read the documentation every time, but still no joy. I try to drop my text into any one of the bullets in the stack and it goes nowhere. I try selecting a bullet in the stack with the idea that a text “sink” will open for me to use. Nothing but rejects.


Seems to be working here for me: CleanShot 2023-02-01 at 15.41.42 · CleanShot Cloud

I’m guessing this isn’t what you’re seeing?

I’m not seeing that, however, from your video snippet I think I now “get it.” Thanks so much.

Can you show me a screen recording of what you’re seeing so I can troubleshoot it? You can use CMD-SHIFT-5 in macOS to do a screen recording.

Hi Adam. Thanks again for your willingness to help. I think I have the basics in place now. I’ve uploaded the screenshot as requested. Also, the website can be found temporarily at https://sleep-apnea-research.org. There you can likely know what my next questions are: How to match my text size for in the Bulleted List to that which is right below it. Also, I would like the “bullets” to be open circles, but I can find it in the style list, it doesn’t manifest in the actual website.

In the website you will also note that my chosen custom typeface (SF Pro Display) is not showing up, even though I went through the process nicely described on your website.

Last but not least at this moment, is there a way to color the fonts, e.g., instead of black, can I have it as red?

Thanks for any guidance you may provide.

Glad you figured it out. I was actually looking for a screen recording at the time – a video – to show what and how you were using the tool. If you’ve figured it out that shouldn’t be needed now.

No, I can’t ever guess what questions people are going to ask. If I could I would probably be making a a living as a fortune teller. :wink:

Bulleted List, like most tools in Foundry, pull their font size from the Base Font size in the Control Center. This means it will match the other text on your page as long as you’re not individually changing the font size in each individual tool.

In your example the text below your Bulleted List is a Header. You should not be making a List out of a Header, nor should you probably make a list that large. Headers are wrapped in header tags and are not lists. Specific tools for specific tasks. There’s a good reason we have the various tools throughout.

The Bulleted List tool allows you to choose the Bullet Style in the Bulleted List settings. You can see the Circle styled bulleted list above here:

I mean you and I covered using Typeface previously in another thread. I believe you said you had it figured out. If that isn’t the case you can share you project file and maybe someone can help sort that out for you. If you properly load your font files via Typeface they should display as expected.

Styling is done the same in the Bulleted List as it is in most tools in Foundry. Choose a preset here, or select the Color Picker from the List Style setting:

I’d encourage you to watch the tutorial videos for tools that have them that you are having trouble with. You may also want to take a look at these videos from Realmac Software:

Oy! A lot to unpack here. Thanks so much. I thought I had reviewed all the tutorials numerous times, but just in case, I’ll review all of your recommends, again. Take care.

The tutorials I posted about above were just suggested as a way to help you get your head wrapped around using Foundry as you seem to be having a hard time with it. They’re not required for your current problem.

Hi Adam, the Tutorials were a tremendous help. It may seem like I’m a very slow reader, but I’ve buried in three other priority projects unrelated to RW, which is why I’m so late responding. You can see my current status in my prototyping URL: https://sleep-apnea-research.org

I do have a couple other questions for you, if you could take a look: 1) In using Bulleted List, try as I might, I’ve not been able to figure out how to convert the text in the bullets to italics? 2) I’ve also not been able to find out how to increase the line spacing between bullets, while also decreasing it for sentences that go beyond one line? and 3) Separately, I’ve previously received the recommendation to have my images “local” to my posted website; how do I do that? Do I just put them in a folder and upload them to the same location as my URL, and if so, do I then have to reattach them to those now ‘local’ images?

Thanks in advance for any further guidance you may provide.

That’s not a checkbox option in the List tool. It is a much less common thing to do in a list I think. That said, adding it with Blacksmith should be no problem at all.

This should be in the documentation, but if it is not, please let me know:

You can create a folder on your server and then link to them using the Remote Image tool, or Remote Image option(s) of the various other tools in Foundry.

Not sure your specific motivation for this, but when RW uploads your images they are local to your site. They’re getting uploaded to the same exact server you’d be uploading them to with your own FTP software.

The fact that I do not have to upload images/ resources separately is great news. I never have, but I’ve a friend strongly recommend it several times, not necessarily associated with Foundry, so that may be the source of his viewpoint versus what y’all have to offer. Thanks, again.