Upcoming Foundry Update

Uh oh. I’m starting to feel the power of the dark side . . .


The force is strong with this one…



Partitions rocks… congrats !!!

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This all looks very exciting, partitions seems pretty powerful. I want to switch from Foundation to Foundry but don’t want to buy into the current version with a new version on the horizon. Any idea how long I/we might need to wait for the release?

Good morning @bpj and welcome to the community!

If you’re asking about the release date for Foundry v2, I have not announced it yet. Working on finalizing things. When I do announce a release date I will also talk about a grace period for customers who’ve purchased Foundry recently.


Thanks @elixirgraphics,
I appreciate that releases are complex and involve many parts, not just the product itself but the marketing, website, online store, technical docs, tutorials etc. so a fixed date is difficult to give. I was just hoping for a steer (weeks, months) - I understand why you might not want to do that though.

I think I might wait for the release as I don’t want to learn to use Foundry V1 to then have to re-learn a new version, even if it will look/feel very similar.

There’ll be nothing to re-learn. Foundry v2 is an upgrade to Foundry v1, not a departure from what it currently is, which I talked about above:

Foundry will keep on working just like it does now, but with a LOT more features, new stacks, etc.

As for a timeframe for the release – once I’ve got things ready to go I’ll let everyone know. I think launching with everything in place and ready to go from day one is very important and is how I’ve done all releases in the past. I don’t release the product and not have all of the documentation, etc ready at the same time. When everything is ready and the way I like it, you’ll know the release date and other pertinent information. :smiley:


@elixirgraphics your current course of action is the best practice. Release a finished product ready to go. But hurry up . . . he says in jest.giphy


Can I just confirm… If I buy Foundry today will I have to pay any more to get Foundry V2 when released?

Just a thought… why don’t you change the price to buy Foundry now to $89 in your store with a line saying that access to V2 is included when released. That way you get the full $89 you deserve for the hard work you are putting in without having to manage grace periods or collecting the $5 difference. Also, those, such as myself, looking to buy now aren’t put off/delaying a purchase because it’s clear that we are buying access to V2 (when it is completely ready) rather than a question whether we fall inside a grace period and therefore have to pay an upgrade fee.

Just trying to help :grin:

If you purchase today you will certainly not have to pay for the upgrade. You’d be included in the grace period.

By purchasing now you’re essentially getting a $5 discount. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you’d rather wait for the release of Foundry v2, that is up to you. It’ll just cost you $5 more. I’m fine either way. No matter what I will deal with a grace period as it will encompass more than just a few weeks of purchases.

Thanks, but I’ve definitely been thinking through a lot of this already. Some of the eventual deluge of emails regarding grace periods is unavoidable, unless I were to not offer one, which would feel kind of crappy, right?

That said, I’m going to get back to work on updates for the Foundry site and such, otherwise I’ll never get around to announcing a release date. :wink:


Thanks @elixirgraphics,
I think that confirmation will help me and others (and maybe stem the flow of grace period questions). You have an exciting product release coming up and I am looking forward to seeing it.

I’m off to buy a licence… :raised_hands:


Here’s a little something to check out while I continue working on Foundry v2’s release. This is a pack of templates for Stacks v4 users that will be a separate item from Foundry itself. It will be a free release that comes out alongside Foundry v2.

These templates will require Foundry v2, Potion and Thunder packs as I use stacks from all three packs throughout these free templates.


Mason is absolutely brilliant!

So much hard work but into it to make our end user life much simpler. Well done and THANKS YOU!



Yes! Yes! Yes! This is perfect.


Mason … I congratulate you Adam, you have nailed the nail. Super :+1:


This keeps getting better and better :slight_smile:


Mason… I love these. You keep adding REAL value for Foundry! Thank you. Can’t wait to use it.


Super excited!
And for anyone thinking is it worth it to get Potion and Thunder pack - yes absolutely!


I finished up another important video last night and did some editing on it… so let’s take a look at it!

In this video we’ll look at Foundry v2’s new Dark Mode feature. This feature is integrated into the Foundry Control Center stacks as well as throughout the many other Foundry stacks. Some stacks have Dark Mode options that even act independently of the Control Center.

And, while we’re at it, let’s take a look at another stack I mention in the Dark Mode video… The new Eclipse Stack! Eclipse allows you to hide / show content based on whether or not your visitor is using a Dark Mode enabled device.

Dark Mode and Eclipse open up a lot of different customization options for your pages. And since Dark Mode integrates with the existing Brand Color Preset colors in the Control Center, they will affect elements from Thunder and Potion Packs that already use those color presets as well!


A (very) minor new feature for Foundry v2 just came up in another thread, so I thought I’d cross link it here for those only following this thread: