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I haven’t been doing too much web design lately but at least I have managed to spruce up my environmental work portfolio to a one-pager. Used a few other stacks with Foundry.


Fine looking site.
But tell me, where did you find the icons?
They look great

Thanks. I got them from creative market - they are called futuro icons. If you want many other icons take a look at flaticon.com.

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Brilliant Much appreciated

Really like this site, very clean and complementary, i feel it flows very well. 2 questions from me as i’m new, what stack is the flowing animation before the resume and what is the stack used for the resume, really like how it animates going down.

Hi @TafftasticMan, Thanks for your positive comments. The two stacks are Waves by Wonderous and the Responsive Timeline by Elixir, which I don’t think is available anymore, well at least I couldn’t see it on the Elixir website.

thanks for getting back to me. shame the stack is gone, but it might mean there is a way to replicate it from within foundry. I was curious more than anything on that one. The waves is nice touch though.

Responsive Timeline is a 1LD stack. Still available.

The one I used is just called timeline, which I bought from Elixir in late 2015! Amazingly I have just found out that I can re-download it from my original order. I also have the 1LD stack but haven’t used it as I preferred to use the Elixir timeline stack. I also have it on another website. Perhaps the timeline stack could come out of retirement and become a part of the next Foundry add-on pack :slight_smile:

Sorry @Boray, I’m not likely to bring back Timeline. At least not in its original form. I’ve not got any specific plans though for any sort of timeline tool at the time.