Upgrade from 2 to Foundry 3. May still work with foundry 2?

I’ve been using Foundry 2 for several years and have done a lot of work under this version.

Suppose I upgrade from 2 to Foundry 3. May I still work with foundry 2? or is need a new license, not an upgrade?

I want to have both versions working on the same Rapidweaver, so I wanna know if just an upgrade will be enough or if I need a new license for Foundry 3?.


Both versions can work side by side. You can continue to use Foundry 2 alongside Foundry 3. Foundry 3 was built from scratch and does not share any code with Foundry 2. You can still edit web pages that were built with F2 and build new sites with Foundry 3.


Read this blog post, it answers your question.


Thanks, but my question is if there is a limitation if I upgrade and use the same registered purchase under the same email, or the correct way is to purchase version 3 as a new software, not an upgrade?
Other software vendors don’t admit to being upgraded if you want to use both versions, the last and the new one.

I guess that Foundry doesn’t have a registration code for a license, so both versions act as different apps inside Rapidweaver.

I’ll try upgrading.


You can use both versions for as long as you like @musulungo, there is no limitation on that. As @Steve_J pointed out, they exist and work side-by-side in RW and Stacks. I’ve been using then side-by-side for 1.5+ years now.

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Thanks for this fast response.

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Glad to help. Also if you need the Foundry 2 documentation in the future it is still available at this special location: https://f2docs.elixirgraphics.com

Hope you enjoy Foundry 3!

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Is there a way to filter the tools so that you just see the 2 tools or just see the 3 tools?

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YES! I was going to do a Quick Tips video on this soon, but you can search in your Stacks library to show one, or the other with two simple search terms:

Search for F2 to find all Foundry 2 tools.

Search for Foundry 3 or F3 to find all Foundry 3 tools. Searching for F3 also returns the F3 Shim for Alloy as well.

You can even make Smart Folders in Stacks 5 like so —

Foundry 2:

Foundry 3:


Okay good! One of the problems I had when starting Foundry is that I mixed all the Foundry tools with the built-in RW tools and wasn’t sure if I had a way to filter them. This was probably around 2020 or 2021. I can’t remember if smart folders was a feature in Stacks 4 but I have the latest Stacks 5.1 so that is an important feature.

In the past you could search for Foundry in the library and find all of the v2 tools. Now with two separate versions we needed an easy way to sort them. Using F2 and F3 as the simple search terms was the idea of the brilliant beta testers!

Oh yeah, it would be very difficult to tell the two Foundries apart! What was confusing before was that the built in RW tool would often have nearly the same name but after using it for a long enough time I just learned what stack to not use.


I have a question concerning the upgrade too. I have bought the two last versions of Foundry and all of my Elixir software with my old email address. Now I have a new one. Is there a way to upgrade under my new email address or can it be changed in the payment system?

Thank you very, very much for your help!

You’ll need to email me so I can manually update your previous order(s) – shoot me an email at adam at elixirgraphics dot com and include your previous email address.

I‘ll do that. Thank you very much for your great support!

So does this mean that when I am using foundry 2 stacks and foundry 3 stacks, I will be required to put both foundry 2 and 3 controls stacks?

No. You cannot use Foundry 2 and Foundry 3 tools together. They are completely separate and should not be used in conjunction with one another at all.

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What about alloy, thunder, potion, and all the other stacks I’ve purchased. Can they be used on a foundry 3 based website?

Alloy can certainly be used with Foundry 3. I’ve talked about that here in this blog post:

No, Thunder and Potion are not going to work in Foundry 3. Thunder and Potion are add-ons that were based on Foundry 2’s code base. Instead of making more add-on packs for Foundry 3 I simply started rolling a bunch of those features from the add-on packs into the Foundry 3 tools during development. This means some of that functionality from Thunder and Potion are found in Foundry 3 already. I talked about this in this blog post from last week a little bit:

Essentially Foundry 3 is a completely new product from the ground up.

Do we still have the ability to download F2 in case we need to reinstall?