Use of local server to test Alloy/Editor credentials/password

I do not yet have a hosting service for a web site I am working on and therefore I cannot publish it in the normal manner. Can anyone suggest free/cheap software that will allow me to set up a local ‘server’ where I can ‘publish’ an Alloy/Editor page so that the credentials/password cycle can be completed/tested?

Alternatively is there some other way to ‘publish’ an Alloy/Editor page locally to my hard drive for testing purposes?

This isn’t a supported feature, nor have I tried it. But mamp is a php web server for local testing. Your best bet is to seek help on the realmac forum for this.

Thanks Steve. I’ve downloaded MAMP, it may just be the answer.

I have used MAMP to test Alloy and have had no issues.

Thank you for letting me know. Were you able to launch your locally published website in Safari to check it? I have published my site to the MAMP /htdocs folder and the index file and other files are all present. When I click the ‘visit site’ button after publication it simply directs me to the MAMP folder but does not present the website in Safari (my default browser).

I apologise to all for using the Alloy forum to sort out my specific ‘publishing’ issue but I feel I’m close to achieving what I need.

Sorry, I’ve never clicked the “Visit Site” button. I just reference the site directly in the htdocs folder via Safari (or whatever)



So Mia is then name of the test Mac. Named after one of our departed English Cocker Spaniel :broken_heart: “cssnsw” is the site/project name.

If it just shows a directory list you shoud be able to just select the folder.

Thank you again, much appreciated (sorry to hear about Mia)

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When you click the Start button in Mamp it opens the browser. Click the My Website up the top. See image.

Thank you. I’ve managed to get MAMP running OK. It will allow Alloy to run remotely with almost full spec. except I can’t get it to read the uploaded image for the Topper image.

Just tested this here and it is displaying the topper image ok. Note, however, my test server is running MAMP 5.7 (PHP 7.4.2) and the latest version of MAMP is for MacOS 10.12+ but poor old Mia is stuck on 10.11