Use Of Poster Stack with Foundry

I have built a website using rapidweaver. Most pages except the Blog page are based on the Foundry theme. I would like to use a dedicated blog with Poster. It says the minimum requirements are:

Minimum Prerequisites:

  • RapidWeaver 7 or 8
  • Stacks Plugin 3.5
  • PHP 7

I have stacks 3.5 and RW8 but dont know what PHP 7 is about or is that included with RW 8 or Foundry. I dont want to buy Poster and then discover I have to purchase something else.

Hi, PHP is a programming language and has to be supported by you hosting service. Just ask them if they support PHP 7. It is nothing you have to buy from Rapidweaver or any other place.

Poster has worked a long time with PHP 5.6. Probably why that notice is there re: PHP 7 is because 5.6 is being retired soon.

Poster is a very good stack, but have you also explored Alloy? Works so well with Foundry and I hear there are interesting updates sometime in the near-ish future.


Thanks very much. I’ll get onto my hosting service. I’m very happy with the Foundry theme.

Thanks. I’ll have a look at Alloy also.

Definitely worth a look since it’s also made by Adam and works only with Foundry.


Poster works great with Foundry, and of course also with all other themes.
See a demo here: Foundry | Poster Demo
Cheers, Jannis

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Poster is hugely powerful and configurable and as Jannis said, works great with Foundry.

Here is a blog example using Poster in Foundry at Webdeersign RapidProject 8 Blog but Poster can be used for product and information grids and so much more.


Thanks very much. That looks quite impressive.

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Foundry or Fundation?

Oops. Just corrected the screenshot and link. Definitely Foundry.

In my opinion Foundry would be a much better option, apart from this, it makes a great combo with Poster Stack. And perhaps most importantly both Adam and Jannis offer excellent customer service :slightly_smiling_face:


Link corrected. Very nice example. Thanks

I have gone ahead with the Poster Stack. My first impressions are good. It seems to do the job and is simple yet flexible. Thanks to all for the advice.


Congratulations! Both Poster and Alloy are great tools, but work somewhat differently. And as others have mentioned Poster can serve a few different purposes aside from blogging.


I built a blog page (called Blog-TEST) with poster and published to the host server. It is actaully on the server with the other website pages. However, the page has not published i.e. when you check on google or safari, the website does not include the new blog page. ( In RW8 it has the show in navigation ticked and the Draft unchecked like all other pages that pblish) Before I get ontyo the host company there are a few issues that I’m not sure of:

I have changed the PHP to version 7.2 in the server,. The min requirements is 7.0.

I have RW 8

There are two stacks installed, one with rapidweaver version 3.6 and a Scribe stack.

The blog post is created in the foundry theme with foundry containers and with the inclusion of a Poster Stack.

Am I missing something. Any advise would be much appreciated.

@Jp100 – You’ll probably want to contact the Poster stack developer directly so that they can assist you with this one-on-one in their own support software, email, etc.

Browsing your nice site. check the headline in the about section thhough

Well spotted. Thanks.

I got it all working now. Thanks to everyone for their helpful advice.