Vert Tab & Jumbotron Bug?

I want to put a VertTab inside a Jumbotron stack which is using a drag n drop image and this image shall stay visible in the background.
When I try to apply opacity <100% to any color of the tabs (normal, active, hover, filler) that opacity setting does not work and instead of the image to shine through, the VertTab background stays solid.

Any idea whether this may a bug in the Vert Tabs stack?

Please note the project file attached. (315.5 KB)

Thanks in advance
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I did some more code investigation and it seems that the background color of the VertTab container is hard coded to white. See Screen shot #1

When overwriting this with an RGB color any opacity can be generated on the fly :slight_smile:
Screen shot #2

When overwriting this with ‘transparent’, the opacity settings from the VertTabs elements apply.

I still believe in a bug :wink:

Cheers Tom

The entirety of the Vertical Tabs stack has a background color of white. The sections sit within that overall wrapper, which has a white background. Their individual background opacity sliders do work, as I just tested them. Try setting a section to blue and then change the opacity slider to 50%… It will reduce the opacity of that section.

The stack was not designed to be completely see-thru. While it isn’t the outcome you were looking to achieve with the stack, unfortunately, the stack is working as it should and there’s not a bug with the code.

If you want to override that white background color though you can use CSS to do so in the Page Inspector as you’ve done above.

Thanks, Adam, for the quick response and the clarification how the stack works.
In the meantime I’ve managed to use custom css inside the web page to get the stack transparent :wink:

I am enjoying your products very much and I am waiting eagerly for the Thunder Pack and Potion Pack updates :+1: