Vertical menu, not a dropdown

Hi all:

I’m trying to rebuild a site that I did by hand a few years ago, and I’m trying to do it in Foundry. The basic page layout looks like this:

The thing that looks like just a text box on the left hand side is a menu. It’s just a bunch of links in a div the way it’s coded now. I don’t see a ready-made way to do this within Foundry, though.

I’m sure that someone will read this and say “yeah, there’s a stack for that.” Any pointers to a solution will be welcome. Thanks!

Hi there @dougmon

Have a look at the List Group stack (List Group Documentation). It should suffice for that you’re wanting to do (it has Linked List items available by clicking the blue + plus button in the stack). If you own Potion Pack for Foundry you can get a little fancier with the Vertical Navigation stack (Vertical Nav Documentation).

Thanks @elixirgraphics! I had looked at the Vertical Nav before, but hadn’t realized that there was a way to do it without section heads. :blush:

That’s the solution I’m looking for. Thanks again.

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Not a problem at all. Glad to help out.