Vertical Nav H3 font size

The Potion Pack Vertical Nav stack is setting the Title text to H3 and the text size to 16px. Can I make a request to use either the H3 text size as defined in Foundry Control or allow the size to be altered in the stack.

It looks odd when the title is smaller than the paragraph text (which is used as set in Foundry Control)

Just found the text size setting in the main Vertical Nav settings. Don’t know how I missed it.

@elixirgraphics No issue here so happy for you to delete this thread.

Actually the Title text size is limited to a maximum of only 20px. Why not increase the size? Seems very restricting to only be able to choose between 16 to 20 for Title size.

I suspect I intended for it to be a bit larger of a max size, but that said, it is a navigation and not an accordion stack. I’ll take a look and make any necessary adjustments for the next update.

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Took a look at this after getting some other stuff done today. I see why I limited it, though I could probably up it to 24px. If you go much beyond that you end up with some wonky alignment of the arrow indicator:

I’ll look at it further, but this is why I limited it.


That situation applies to small paragraph text and a heading text that is not small. Try this with a small title fontface and a large paragraph text such as 18 or 20px and you will soon see the problem.

Having an extra range of adjustability is a good thing to take care of these unusual situations which the real world is full of.

Heres my current situation with paragraph text set to 18px:

The title “YACHTING” is set to 20px which is too small with the current text size restrictions.

Below is a screenshot where I have CSS’d the title to be 24px and the alignment is fine:

24px is perfect in this case.

@webdeersign if you look at my previous reply you’ll see I told you I will take a look at it further.

Also, as I mentioned, the Vertical Navigation stack is a navigation stack and not an accordion stack, which is more like what you’re using it for in your above examples it looks like.

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Your efforts on this are truly appreciated… Thx:)