Vertical Nav - Sections opened by default

Hello, I have a request about the Vertical Nav :
I would like to to have Sections opened by default when the page is loaded. Instead to have to click to reveal its content.

Is it already possible ?
Is there a solution using CSS ?


Hi @beretrouge – The only way that is an option is if one of the child items is marked as active.

But my Vertical Nav is a partial… so the menu will always have the same item checked… it’s not a solution for me.


I didn’t propose it as a solution. I was merely stating how the stack works. Sorry if you took it as a solution. I probably should have just said: “What you’re wanting to do is not possible with the Vertical Navigation stack.” But I wanted to present how it worked in case that helped you rethink how you’d like to use it.

Partials are very useful to add Menu to your site, when something has to be modified in the Menu, you only have to modify one Stack.
But using Partial, I can’t use the active page in the settings of the stack.

So, I’m still looking for a solution to have the active/current page checked in my partial’s menu.

How to do it ?

May be it’s possible to add a CSS to each page to active the current page in the Menu.
Is it ?


This seems like a duplicate of your other post. I’m going to move this one over there.

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Not really the same but closer :slightly_smiling_face:
Is there a way when using partial Menu to have different active page checked in the menu ?
Hope this is clear.

In the vertical navigation? If so, no.

And with Mega Menu, Nav. Bar and Nav. Bar pro ?

Those have a way to auto detect the active page, which should be covered in their documentation. These can easily be used in partials.

Thank you! I’ll take a look soon.