Vertical Navigation Question

I’m playing around with the Vertical Nav stack today. I’d love to have a way to control the font size of the navigation items. I know I can tweak the size of the Section Title a bit, but I’d love to make my navigation item font size smaller. Any way to do this?

The non-section title fonts are based off of your Control Center’s Base Font setting.

Adam: Thanks. In my case the basic font is 18 pt., but the navigation items have a noticeably larger size. If they were the same size that would be fine in my usage case.

I realize when you write “based off of” that this bigger font size may be intentional. It would be nice for an option to change sizes similar to something like the Foundry Paragraph stack.

Can you share your project file with me?

Just took a look at the project file you sent over. The font size for your Base Font and the navigation items are both set at 18px.

This is the navigation item:

And this is the Base Font text:

Adam: Thanks for checking this. I changed the font weight for the Vertical Nav and that helped a lot! (Norma/400l to 300 weight actually changes the feel/look quite a bit.)

No problem. I live the the web inspector. :wink: